Vaganova Ballet Academy
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Editorial policy

«Bulletin of the Vaganova Ballet Academy» comes out 6 times a year.

Being a part of the Russian academic and scientific information system the Bulletin aims to:

- Reflect the results of research, educational, scientific, practical and innovative activities of the faculties, students, post-graduate students of the Academy, as well as the faculty members and researchers of various universities and research institutions in Russia, CIS and foreign countries;

- Shape the scientific component of the academic environment and promote major achievements in academic research;

- Identify scientific potential to introduce the advanced science in the educational process of the Academy;

- Launch open scientific debate to enhance the quality of research and improve the efficiency of inspection of scientific works;

- Ensure transparency and openness in reflecting the scientific issues of the Academy research teams and Departments.

«Bulletin of the Vaganova Ballet Academy» publishes scientific papers covering topical issues in various subject areas enveloped by the Academy research activities that happen to be of theoretical and practical interest and are aimed at implementation of research results within the framework of the educational and creative activities. Articles by Russian and foreign scientists, teachers, researchers, graduate students, applicants of higher educational institutions and scientific organizations of the Russian Federation, the CIS and other foreign countries also qualify for publication in case they relate to the following scientific domain:

- Art History;

- History of Ballet;

- History and Theory of Choreographic Art;

- History and Theory of Music Theatre;

- Philosophy of Culture, Aesthetics;

- Information Technology and Innovations in the Field of Art and Choreography;

- Pedagogy of Choreography;

- Pedagogy of Higher Education;

- Methodology of Science and Education;

- Management Issues in the Field of Culture, Aspects of Legal Regulation in the Field of Creative Activity.

The «Bulletin» also provides for the publication of reviews, memoirs, historical and archival materials, research summaries (brief reports on conferences and scientific expeditions).

«Bulletin of the Vaganova Ballet Academy» implements the policy of creating an independent editorial portfolio and turns to be a free platform for scientific discussion. The Editorial Board offers scientific editing services, however doesn’t censor the articles submitted for publication. The authors’ opinion may differ from that of the Editorial Board. The original literary style of the articles remains unchanged.