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Diaghilev: The Art of Producing. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!

International scientific-practical conference coincided with 145th anniversary
of Sergei Diaghilev's birth and 110th anniversary of the first "Ballet Russes"
March 31, 2017


“His power was insomuch invincible that working process with this man
was always dreadful and peaceful at the same time.
It was dreadful, because fighting against him was rigorous and exhausting
every time dissidences appeared;
it was peaceful, because you can be absolutely confident,
that your goals would be reached in case there were no contradictions at all”.

Igor Stravinsky, “Chronicle of my life”

Our conference “Diaghilev: The Art of Producing. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!” combines in itself scientific, educational and practical goals. The aim of it is the implementation of interdisciplinary researches and exchange of experience in the sphere of managerial, creative, financial and other relevant aspects of producing as well as consolidation of academic community with practical sphere, integration into r термин scientific-practical community of Russia and the entire world.

The conference is hosted by the Vaganova Ballet Academy (Department of ballet art, Diaghilev interdisciplinary scientific-practical laboratory of the art of producing at the Department of Ballet Art of the Vaganova Ballet Academy (“Diaghilev’s laboratory”).

Panel  discussions:
- Art and society: Diaghilev and Diaghelev’s Ballets Russes’ phenomenon, its background, reasons and consequences;
- New  dimensions of cross-cultural  communication;
- Main historical aspects of creative activity management’s theory and practice: managerial, legislative, financial, socio-psychological and others;
- Relevant tools of management, marketing and producing of the cultural and artistic establishments’ and organizations’ projects of XXI century;
- Prospects of development of educational technologies during education process of students in the field of Management and Producing their practical implementation in competence-based approach in teaching;
- Producerology. Is it an applied science, a complex of selected sciences, a branch of learning, hypothesis or the basis for a new interdisciplinary scientific field, which will be able to explain the total system of all accumulated empirical data?

Event  list:
- Musical-theatrical festive offering of students and guests of the Academy coincided with 145th anniversary of Sergei Diaghilev’s birth and 110th anniversary of the first Ballet Russes. Venue – A.V. Shiryaev School Theatre.
- Memorial cabinet of history of national choreographic education themed tour (Museum of the Academy).

Research supervisor of the project:
Larisa Abyzova, acting head of ballet art department of the Vaganova Ballet Academy, Ph.D in Art history, associate professor.

Engagement managers:
Maria Potolokova, corresponding member of World Academy of Science for Complex Safety, RANS, Doctor of Economics, professor of ballet art at the Vaganova Ballet Academy.

Rinat Dulmaganov, founder and the head of Diaghelev’s laboratory, member of the International Union of Musical Workers, general producer of the National Opera Centre and Public Fund of Performing Arts, Ph.D candidate of the Department of ballet art of the Vaganova Russian ballet Academy, St.Petersburg State University of Culture and the Vaganova Ballet Academy lecturer.

Conference coordinator:
Inna Konotop, Ph.D candidate of the Department of ballet art of theVaganova Ballet Academy.

Conference managers:
Almira Zinnurova, Darya Mastepanova, first-year students in the Master’s programme “Producing of choreographic art” of the Department of ballet art of theVaganova Ballet Academy.